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Why use a Badge?

Here are a few reasons why a Button Badge can be useful :

Badges are a great option as a marketing tool. They are low cost and easy to produce. Badges can be provided to delegates, or given away as a promotional tool. They also make great souvenirs.The badges can be made in a variety of sizes and colours, all on one badge press.

Badges can be used for promotion of a brand or product. They can be used as part of a marketing campaign to target a particular audience.

Badges can be used to Fundraise for a Charity or even a local fete. You can ask people to design & make their own badge, with proceeds going to a charity of your choice. This option is popular with PTA's.

Badges can be used as a motivation tool. Schools use Button Badges as a way of encouraging children to try their best. The reward of a badge has put a smile on many faces!

Our latest badge making option the 'Eco' Badge is proving very popular, as once the badge is no longer of use it can all be recycled. 


Whatever reason for using a Badge machine to make a Badge...we hope you enjoy it as it is a lot of fun!!


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