Badge Making Machines with 20 Year Guarantee

badge making machines with 20 year guarantee

Did someone say 20 YEAR Guarantee??

That's right! Our Badge Machines are engineered and made in the U.K. We are so confident that our machines are made to such a high standard that we are offering a 20 Year guarantee on all Badge Machines (Badgeworx,  Badgemaker 5  and Badgemaker 7). 

What does the guarantee cover??

Our Guarantee includes repair or replacement of the machine 20 years from the Purchase Date. Nice and simple.  Keep your receipt of invoice handy.  You'll need this to prove your purchase date.

How easy is it, to get the machine repaired or replaced?

In the unlikely event that your badge machine does need some TLC, the simple, 3-step procedure is shown below.

1/ Please call us on 01329 822900, or e-mail us on –

2/ We will ask for you to return the Badge Machine to us. Postage & Packing for the
return of the machines, is to be paid by yourselves. If the machine is under 2 years old we will pay postage.

3/ Our Engineers will repair or replace your machine and send it back out to you within 3
working days.

If you have any queries regarding the 20 Year Guarantee, please contact us.


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